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#545Beautiful Beach Portraiture{Naples, Florida}

Beautiful Beach Portraiture
I have spent three consecutive years with this sweet and lovely family.  As an artist, I really try and work on capturing images that truly "speak" to my clients.  Beyond the skillfully posed and lit large family portraits, and well beyond the candid shots that capture a moment in time, recently my focus has shifted and I am more and more looking to capture that perfe[...]

#478 Artistic Family Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#478 Artistic Family Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Sometimes the family home is the best backdrop when looking to shoot a family portrait.  Nothing is more comfortable than your own home.  Family portraits have come so far in the past twenty years in that you are no longer limited to a portrait in front of your fireplace or lined up on the staircase.  A wonderful and warm portrait can be done just about anywhere.  The[...]