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#551Sharing the Bits & Pieces

Sharing the Bits & Pieces
I photographed the lovely Dolores yesterday, a woman in her 80's.  Her first boyfriend, Buddie, went off to the Korean war.  Like all stories, there are two versions of what happened upon his return...the short of it would be that circumstances changed and he married another woman, although he will tell you jovially that it was Dolores who met someone else and moved o[...]

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out
A few photos from our Girls Night Out Event held at the studio in December.  The first 15 people to the event got a new Facebook photo.  Some of my favorites are of girlfriends hamming it up together...myself included!  Three separate boutiques brought goods into the studio for a private party.  We raised a bundles of toys for Toys For Tots thanks to all the generous [...]