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#551Sharing the Bits & Pieces

Sharing the Bits & Pieces
I photographed the lovely Dolores yesterday, a woman in her 80's.  Her first boyfriend, Buddie, went off to the Korean war.  Like all stories, there are two versions of what happened upon his return...the short of it would be that circumstances changed and he married another woman, although he will tell you jovially that it was Dolores who met someone else and moved o[...]

#505 Newborn Photography {Naples, Florida}

#505 Newborn Photography {Naples, Florida}
"While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us about what life is all about." Meet the youngest of my clients this week.  Baby A was wide awake for almost the entire session.  Which made for the most precious images of baby girl with her big brown eyes.  She joins 3 big sisters who I'm sure will spoil her to pieces. Welcome to the world sweet[...]

#368 {Take a picture, it’ll last longer…}

#368 {Take a picture, it'll last longer...}
Take a picture, it'll last longer... We've been having so much fun with our marketing this year!  Here is one of our clients with a new Heather Donlan Photography shirt!  All hand-made, these shirts really are a labor of love (as if we don't have enough other things going on).  Charlie...you wear it well sweet boy!

#309 No Tricks. All Treats!

#309  No Tricks.  All Treats!
Come join us for our second annual HALLOWEEN OPEN HOUSE!  Next Wednesday October 26th from 2-6 PM.  Bring your little ghost or goblin dressed in costume and be ready for some fun in front of the camera.  The only thing we ask that every child bring a canned food donation which will go towards our local Food Bank which is in dire need of canned goods right now.  Everyo[...]

Senior on the Beach

Senior on the Beach
I am starting to really enjoy photographing high school seniors, which is a fairly new direction for me.  The sessions are typically in multiple locations, which adds variety, and the seniors are excited for the session.  It is so different today than when I was in high school as we took a school photo in front of a black cloth and that was it.  Today, the seniors go [...]