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#548One final Naples Wedding…Port Royal Club, Naples, Florida

One final Naples Wedding...
This post is a little bittersweet for me.  After 20+ years, I think I can say that this here might be one of the last weddings that I photograph.  For the past few years I've been building up my portrait business and am now moving more into the education realm.  The truth is, that I really fall in love with so many of my brides and the last two weddings in particular [...]

#545Beautiful Beach Portraiture{Naples, Florida}

Beautiful Beach Portraiture
I have spent three consecutive years with this sweet and lovely family.  As an artist, I really try and work on capturing images that truly "speak" to my clients.  Beyond the skillfully posed and lit large family portraits, and well beyond the candid shots that capture a moment in time, recently my focus has shifted and I am more and more looking to capture that perfe[...]

#543 Mother & Daughter Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#543 Mother & Daughter Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Recent images from a session at The Ritz-Carlton where we focused on #motherdaughterportraits.  This is the 3rd year I've had the oppertunity to photograph this beautiful little girl.   Sometimes at this age, my favorite images are the first of the session, when kids may be a little more pensive and timid.  That initial shyness often provides amazing oppertunity to ca[...]

#520 Children’s Fine Art Portraiture {Europe}

#520 Children's Fine Art Portraiture {Europe}
I have been talking recently about the Environmental Portrait.  I simply love working with my subject within the scope of a larger setting, like a hotel or even a city, and using those surroundings to my advantage.  I happen to think that the background of a photograph can add so much more to the story when done the right way.  It can add so much more depth to the pho[...]