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#544 Family Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#544 Family Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Beautiful beach portraits that were a gift for Grandmother.  What better gift than the gift of artwork of the ones you love?  These sweet siblings had great fun on the beach and we even managed to keep the little man out of the water until the very end...

#507 Children’s Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#507 Children's Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Talk about a natural beauty.  Some people, whether big or small, just get how to position and move in front of a camera.  This little muffin that you see here is one of those people.  She just understood, intuitively, what I wanted her to do.  These images were taken to commemorate her 5th Birthday.   And we capped off the evening with a swim in the gulf with all our [...]

#420 {Leukemia & Lymphoma’s Society Man of the Year}

#420 {Leukemia & Lymphoma's Society Man of the Year}
Meet Kyle.  He is the adorable boy on the right in this photo seen here with his brother and cousin.  This is the second year I have had the opportunity to photograph Kyle and his family and if you have a minute, I think you'll find his story worthy of your time.  This year Kyle has been selected as Boy of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma's Society.  Kyle's pe[...]