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#545Beautiful Beach Portraiture{Naples, Florida}

Beautiful Beach Portraiture
I have spent three consecutive years with this sweet and lovely family.  As an artist, I really try and work on capturing images that truly "speak" to my clients.  Beyond the skillfully posed and lit large family portraits, and well beyond the candid shots that capture a moment in time, recently my focus has shifted and I am more and more looking to capture that perfe[...]

#529 Flower Child {Naples, Florida}

#529 Flower Child {Naples, Florida}
Sometimes it all just comes together beautifully, like it did last week while working at the Naples Botanical Gardens with this beautiful muse.  The whole energy of this shoot was just perfect and my lovely model just kept engaging the camera in a way that not many 11 year olds know how to do.  I say this again and again, but I am there to draw the best I can out of m[...]