Session Investment:

Beach and On-Location Sessions:

Our Beach and On-location Sessions are $300 for an hour of coverage. If you feel like you need more time, we can adjust the session fee if necessary. All of the artwork for these sessions is ordered once you have seen your images. We have a wide range of products and have created custom packages to help our clients navigate how to order. Packages start at $1500 and most of our clients budget between $1500-$5000 when booking a Beach or On-location Session.

Fine-Art Sessions:

Our Fine-Art Sessions are a collaboration of your ideas and my vision. No idea is too outlandish nor is any location too far. Our Fine-Art sessions take place all over the world and often consist of a full day or two of shooting. A 24×36 Fine Art piece and custom made leather album with hand-printed images are included as well as unlimited number of gift prints. Due to the unique nature of these sessions, we ask that you call the studio to start brainstorming and a custom quote will be provided.

Commercial Sessions:

We love helping out fellow businesses whether it’s a simple headshot or something a bit more elaborate. If your website and promo material need an overhaul, then give us a ring and we can certainly help. Quotes provided on a case-by-case basis depending upon the business needs. Headshots are $200 and include one final image for web and print purposes.

The Everglades Sessions:

Our Everglades Sessions are $7500 and include 6 hours in the Florida Everglades. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that provides exquisite images of a unique adventure for your group. We roll out the swampy red carpet for you by securing first class airboats and providing a gourmet picnic lunch with beer and wine. We may be in the middle of the Everglades, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a first class experience! Take a look here at some Behind The Scenes of a large group we photographed in The Everglades to get a feel for how we go about capturing what we do. A 24×36 Fine Art piece and a hand-printed,leather bound Everglades Album are included.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What time of day are the sessions?

We offer two sessions per day on the beach; sunrise and sunset. Sessions that are off the beach have a little more flexibility as to when we shoot depending on the location.

What if it Rains?

The weather is usually beautiful here in Naples, but in the case of heavy rain, we try to reschedule your shoot to another day. If the weather simply will not cooperate, then session fee will be refunded.

What Should We Wear?

We have put together some Clothing Guides on Pinterest to give you inspiration as to how to dress your group. You are not limited to white and khaki so take a look HERE as to how to mix it up a bit.

How do we book?

Just call us at the studio M-F 9-5 at 239.234.6830 and you can schedule your session over the phone. Payment is required in advance to secure your reservation.

Do you offer framing?

Yes. We have a complete frame shop with a large assortment and styles of frames.

I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. We only take a limited number of bookings and since we book out a few weeks in advance, we have to assume that everyone we book is moving forward with their session. Once you book your date, it precludes us from booking anyone else in that spot, so the session fees are non-refundable. The only time we will refund if there is terrible rain and we can’t fit you in anywhere else on the schedule.

Can I get only Digital Files?

We are a Fine-Art Portrait Studio and are known for creating custom artwork for our clients. We believe that our job is not complete until beautiful artwork is hanging on your walls. You can’t admire all the gorgeous images we capture for you on a disc now can you? However, we do realize however that many of our clients like to have their images on file for archiving purposes, so with that said, many of our packages include the digital files with any wall art you order.