#549Times they are a Changin’…New Studio, New Vision, New Outlook On Life

Hello out there!  Are you there? The past few months have been a time for great change for me, personally and professionally, and the fact of the matter is, I haven’t really been sure how to share all this transformation with you, so as a result, so I’ve been flying somewhat under the radar. But after months of  introspection, I am feeling more clear with the direction I am heading and I am hoping that you’ll join me in this new leg of the journey moving forward.

For starters, the studio has moved into an amazing new space.  After almost 9 years nestled in Olde Naples, our funky old building has finally succumb to the ways of the Naples Real Estate market and is getting torn down to build high end condos.  The good news for me is that the move has forced me to think about transforming my business in other ways beyond just a new mailing address.  Zak worked his tail off this summer with the construction and build-out of the new space. It’s funky and urban and has the COOLEST penny floor in the bathroom you have ever seen AND… far superceeded any vision of what I thought a studio could be (Zak: I think you should get your contractor’s licesnse because your creative concepts and craftsmenship are outstanding!)  And…I am beyond excited to create amazing imagery and artwork with all of you in this new space.  I’ve just stocked the fridge with wine, beer, sparkling water and whatever else might strike your fancy so don’t be a stranger and pop on by to say hi.

950 3rd Avenue North.


Photo Academy


As many of you know, I announced this summer that I would be launching The Love Your Art Academy, an online based community and education forum where you can learn about photography, travel and overall start creating the life you want filled with purpose & heart. I have spent countless hours thinking and dreaming of what I wanted the Academy to teach.  My expertise is in photography, but there are so many other lessons I have learned about running a business, setting goals, being a female entrepreneur, balancing family and work, prioritizing what’s important in my life (hello, travel), and living a life with purpose & heart that are threaded through this business.  And I am excited to share EVERYTHING I’ve learned over the past 20 years, in hopes that some of these lessons (some painful and some not) will benefit you and your dreams.  Happiness is the goal here!  And my vision is to create a community where we can support, encourage and overall just cheer each other along in this process of finding joy and fulfillement.

love your art academy


There does however seem to be some confusion, because in no way does start of the Academy mean that I am not photographing any more.  I ABSOLUTELY will continue to photograph, (especially with the gorgeous state-of-the-art studio that we’ve just completed) but I am creating balance between the Studio and the Academy so that I have the oppertunity to explore both.

If you are interested in learning more about the Academy, then head over to the Love Your Art Academy Facebook page where you can be updated on all the latest news on our classes.  I would LOVE to hear from you as to what it is you are interested in learning.  We are filming and building the classes now, so your input is incredibly helpful for us to know what it is that you are wanting to learn: photography, travel, overall business, marketing, life balance?  Don’t be shy… you can PM me through the Academy’s Facebook page or drop me an email heather@heatherdonlan.com and tell me what’s on your mind.

So that’s the skinny here. Excited to start the dialog and let’s talk soon!




  • heather...i am so proud of you and excited to see all That you have going on! Thrilling and amazing! You are terrific!!
    Best to you always...xo