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#552The Beauty from Within

The Beauty from Within
    Sophia Loren once said, "Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes." The beauty from within each and every one of us will shine like a beacon if we let it. We all have beautiful gifts to share with the world: Our kindness. Our empathy. Our love. Our talents. Our loyality. Our laughter. Our joy. All these wonderful qualities that[...]

#550Pretty as a picture: Embracing the good, the bad and the ugly, whatever that looks like.

Pretty as a picture: Embracing the good, the bad and the ugly, whatever that looks like.
Life isn’t always as it it appears. As a professional photographer, I am well aware of the 'image' so many of my clients want to portray when they hire me to capture portraits their family.  It’s human nature to want to show our best selves to the world. Social media has increased the need for us to control how we portray ourselves and as a result, so many of us only [...]

#549Times they are a Changin’…New Studio, New Vision, New Outlook On Life

Times they are a Changin'...
Hello out there!  Are you there? The past few months have been a time for great change for me, personally and professionally, and the fact of the matter is, I haven't really been sure how to share all this transformation with you, so as a result, so I've been flying somewhat under the radar. But after months of  introspection, I am feeling more clear with the directio[...]

#545Beautiful Beach Portraiture{Naples, Florida}

Beautiful Beach Portraiture
I have spent three consecutive years with this sweet and lovely family.  As an artist, I really try and work on capturing images that truly "speak" to my clients.  Beyond the skillfully posed and lit large family portraits, and well beyond the candid shots that capture a moment in time, recently my focus has shifted and I am more and more looking to capture that perfe[...]

#544 Family Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#544 Family Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Beautiful beach portraits that were a gift for Grandmother.  What better gift than the gift of artwork of the ones you love?  These sweet siblings had great fun on the beach and we even managed to keep the little man out of the water until the very end...

#543 Mother & Daughter Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#543 Mother & Daughter Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Recent images from a session at The Ritz-Carlton where we focused on #motherdaughterportraits.  This is the 3rd year I've had the oppertunity to photograph this beautiful little girl.   Sometimes at this age, my favorite images are the first of the session, when kids may be a little more pensive and timid.  That initial shyness often provides amazing oppertunity to ca[...]

#542 Naples Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#542 Naples Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
One part of my job that I really love is finding the threads that help my client's engage, with me and with each other.  It's like a mystery, and I only have a limited of time to uncover the secrets.  I work to find these commonalities whether my clients are 5 or 85.  These little siblings didn't need a whole lot of coaxing to engage with each other because they were [...]

#541 Children’s Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}

#541 Children's Beach Portraiture {Naples, Florida}
Beautiful portraits of this sweet family who braved the cold last week while visiting Naples.  I ended up shooting a bit more candid style of work than typical, but am very happy with  what was captured.  I especially like seeing these images in B&W.  It gives the images a real timeless feel.